University Staff Networks

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Australia and New Zealand Student Services Association (ANZSSA).

Australia and New Zealand Student Support Services Association (ANZSSA) is the professional association for all people working to support students in post-secondary education in Australia and New Zealand. Its associated journal is the Journal of the Australia and New Zealand Student Services Association (JANZSSA).



ISANA: International Education Association

ISANA: International Education Association is the representative body for international education professionals in Australia and New Zealand, working in student services, advocacy, teaching, and policy development—that is, supporting international students and internationalisation of the curriculum. 


International First Year in Higher Educations Association (FYHE)

The First Year in Higher Education Association aims to create a focal point for academic staff and practitioners working to enhance first year in higher education; to disseminate information and good practice exemplars; and to bring together significant activity related to the first year experience of student.

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Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows (ALTF)

The ALTF is a network for the support of quality learning and teaching in Australian Higher Education. Established in 2011 and hosted at Curtin University, the ALTF represents 70 scholars from 29 institutions and diverse discipline communities. Each of the Fellows is a leading educator who has undertaken strategic, high-profile activities in areas of importance to the higher education sector, participating in a national Fellowships Program that aims to advance learning and teaching.

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International Association of Student Affairs and Services (IASAS).


IASAS is an advocate for higher education students and their learning and development.  Through its programs and services, IASAS is also an advocate for enhancement of the student affairs profession and student affairs/service professionals worldwide. IASAS focuses on providing services and programs aimed at enhanced communication among student affairs organisations and agencies and international professional development activities for student affairs professionals and providers related to issues that are international in nature.

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NASPA is an association for the advancement, health, and sustainability of the student affairs profession, serving a full range of professionals who provide programs, experiences, and services that cultivate student learning and success. Founded in 1919, NASPA comprises more than 13,000 members across 29 countries. Through high-quality professional development, strong policy advocacy, and substantive research to inform practice, NASPA invests in realising the potential of all its members under the guiding principles of integrity, innovation, inclusion, and inquiry.


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The Association for University and College Counselling Center Directors (AUCCCD)

The mission of the AUCCCD is to assist college/university directors in providing effective leadership and management of their centers, in accord with the professional principles and standards of Psychology, Counselling, and Higher Education. AUCCCD promotes the awareness of college student mental health through research, education, and training provided to members, professional organisations, and the public with special attention to issues of diversity and multiculturalism.




AMOSSHE is the UK Student Services Organisation. We inform and support the leaders of Student Services, and represent, advocate for, and promote the student experience. 148 UK and International higher education institutions are members of AMOSSHE. AMOSSHE promotes the development and sharing of good practice within Student Services in the HE sector at a national level.



Network to Support Student Resilience,

Success and Well-being

Interested in encouraging student success and resilience?

You are invited to join the community of practice exploring student resilience and success in post-secondary and higher education via an e-communication-list.

You will want to subscribe to this e-list if you are interested in sharing and exploring strategies that enhance the awareness and use of knowledge and skills related to an essential graduate capability for the successful contemporary graduate--RESILIENCE.

In this community of practice we are exploring the key ingredients that influence resilience and success whilst at university as well as in life beyond the academic community.

Some key concepts include psychological literacy and psychological flexibility.

There is gathering evidence relevant to these concepts that are filtering into the well-being and mental health literature, and much of the research has great potential for application within university settings.

This list establishes a communication tool for an e-community of practice of professionals interested in this topic.

You are encouraged to share resources, research articles, mobile device applications, websites, ideas and strategies that have the potential to impact on resilience and success of students in higher education and post-secondary education.


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