Learning and Teaching and Student Support Resources for Higher Education


The Fridge.

The Fridge is a website for university students which taps into the notion of self-management, which is the capacity to work effectively toward meaningful goals, and to be flexible in the face of setbacks (Cranney, Nithy et al., in prep). It has video, worksheet and other resources that reflect evidence-based strategies to improve time, motivation, and well-being management. On the current site, there is also a section for educators indicating ways in which this website can be used in curricular and extracurricular spaces.

OLT Student Success Project - Highly Recommended for Educators 

OLT Student Success Project and OTHER useful curriculum resources, that are arranged in terms of categories from a whole unit/module approach to “breadcrumbs” (baby steps).

Transition Pedagogy

Prof. Sally Kift from Queensland University of Technology presents the concept of a transition pedagogy - a guiding philosophy for intentional first year curriculum design and support that carefully scaffolds and mediates the first year learning experience for contemporary heterogeneous cohorts. Click here to view the full presentation, or for more information visit the FYHE website.

ISANA: International Education Association

ISANA: International Education Association is the representative body for international education professionals in Australia and New Zealand, working in student services, advocacy, teaching, and policy development—that is, supporting international students and internationalisation of the curriculum. This website has resources for cultural competency training.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a 12-hour course that teaches adults (18 years and over) how to provide initial support to adults who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis. This training, which has a cost, could be integrated into a formal module with the cooperation of the delivery service.

Student Resources

Our section for students contains many web-based resources such as The Desk, parts of which can be integrated into courses (e.g. see the OLT "Academic Competencies - Week 6" for examples on time-management).

HEA Resilience Project

The HEA Resilience Project will build on research in the field of cross-cultural capability as a key concept in illuminating the dynamics of the multicultural classroom. The classroom therefore provides an ideal setting for the development of strategies which can enable students to explore difference. ‘Resilient thinking’ is a key concept enabling students to operate effectively within complex and diverse social networks, challenging self-imposed limits, rigid behaviours and dualistic epistemological beliefs about the nature of knowledge and knowing in order to imagine alternative world-views. 

International Student Resilience Pedagogy

Dr. Viv Caruana from The University World News offers ideas for bridging the cultural divide in international higher education.

Other Projects

The ALTF has information on projects, some of which focus on supporting student success.

The Office of Learning and Teaching has information on projects, some of which focus on supporting student success