Our purpose

Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s students at higher education institutions (universities, colleges). Tomorrow’s leaders will have a significant impact on the well-being of future generations. We in the higher education sector (student leaders, educators, and student service providers) can and should work together to optimise opportunities for today’s students to gain the skills and attitudes to thoughtfully handle their relationships and life’s ups and downs, and enhance their university experience and academic success. The application of those capabilities will optimise the probability that students will complete their studies, and go on to have successful careers and meaningful lives. Not only will they be personally and professionally enabled, but they will also have the capacity to lead and empower constructive change in their local, national, and/or global communities.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about resources that should help achieve this end. These resources include networks, as it is through communities of practice that this challenging work of institutional and personal change can be most effectively accomplished.

We refer to the terms resilience, success, well-being, and psychological literacy. Please see the Models and Theories page for our operational definitions.

There is a section on this website that speaks to our primary higher education stakeholders – students and staff. It is our intent, however, that the collaboration of these stakeholders will enable the development and implementation a whole-of-university approach. The Specific Help section of this website attempts to address specific issues that students or staff may face.

This website was created as part of an OLT project.