Whole-of-university Approaches

Although individual champions can be found amongst student leaders, student support staff and educators, it is just as critical to have the support of line manages, which is best achieved with a whole-of-university approach, publicly supported by the university’s formal leaders. The creation and implementation of explicit policy regarding the optimisation of student well-being helps to ensure that both university leaders and coal-face enthusiasts can feel confident that they are working toward the common goal of optimizing students’ successful completion of study (and beyond).

Australian National University

The ANU Mindfulness For Living & Working Well program aims to train and support those interested in learning and integrating evidence-based mindfulness practices and cognitive strategies into their working and personal life.


Cornell University

Cornell’s comprehensive campuswide approach to mental health has earned it the JedCampus Seal, an honor awarded by the Jed Foundation, a USA-based organisation seeking to reduce suicide rates among college students..


James Madison University

The JMU Student Success program helps students complete transitions into, through and out of the university, develop responsibility for learning, and achieve their educational goals.


Monash University

Mindfulness @ Monash currently offer several mindfulness programs designed to enhance the experience of both students and staff. Monash University are working towards embedding mindfulness in the core curriculum by 2015 so that all Monash students will have the opportunity to learn mindfulness.


Napier University

Confident Futures of Napier University, Edinburgh (working in partnership with the Centre for Confidence and Well-being and a number of other organisations) offers a number of stimulating and interactive workshops that are designed to equip the university student to develop skills, attributes and attitudes in order to be more successful in their academic studies, increase their competitive edge with employers and achieve their full potential.


University of Iowa

The University of Iowa’s Student Success Team is a cross-campus, grassroots group committed to fostering undergraduate achievement in the classroom and beyond. We welcome students, faculty, and staff who believe that success requires shared commitment, creativity, and collaboration.


University of Melbourne

The Healthy University site takes students on a virtual campus tour of Melbourne University, during which they can discover ways of maintaining psychological and physical health while they study. Although the location information is specific to Melbourne University, the information about health and well being will be of interest to all university students.

Developing curriculum initiatives to support student wellbeing, resilience and positive graduate outcomes. Wendy Larcombe, Chi Baik, David Williams, Parshia Lee-Stecum, Raoul Mulder, Sandra Kentish (UniMelb LTI grant).


UNSW Australia



Victoria University

Victoria University of Wellington, has a whole-of-university approach to student well-being led by the Counselling Service.