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Prejudice and Discrimination

Please see our Resources for Particular Groups of Students page.


Helping Others Who Are Depressed or Anxious

Please see our Digital, Phone and Face-to-Face Services For All Students page.


Housing and Finance

Please contact your university's student support services, such as the Student Participation Advisors service at UNSW.



Time Management

Check out The Desk for great tips on how to manage your time.

Visit UNSW Student Well-being services to learn the six steps of time management success. 

Multitasking and Time Management - only 2% can really multitask without dropping performance. Click here for more info.



Visit UNSW Student Well-being services to identify what type of procrastinator you are and how to overcome this common problem.



Visit UNSW Student Well-being services for information on taming and even utilising perfectionism.


Study Strategies

Visit UNSW Student Well-being services to learn how university may be different from other study you have undertaken, and strategies that can help you achieve your best.

Visit The Learning Centre at UNSW for tips on study strategies for success at university.


Whole-University Approaches

Visit our Whole-University Approaches page for more information.


Discipline Approaches

Visit our Discipline-Specific Approaches page for more information.


Single Units

Psychological Science of Resilience at UNSW

The design, implementation, evaluation and improvement of a first-year transition course on the “Psychological Science of Resilience” is underway. This course was implemented in Semester 2, 2013 at UNSW, with a small group of students.

Wellness Education at Victoria University

The Wellness 1 unit offered by Victoria University as part of its undergraduate psychology studies examines mind, body and spirit from psychological, physiological, philosophical and sociological perspectives. 


Pedagogical Approaches

Prof. Sally Kift from Queensland University of Technology presents the concept of a transition pedagogy - a guiding philosophy for intentional first year curriculum design and support that carefully scaffolds and mediates the first year learning experience for contemporary heterogeneous cohorts. Click here to view the full presentationor for more information visit the FYHE website.


Supporting International Students

Visit our Resource for International Students for more information.


ISANA: International Education Association

ISANA: International Education Association is the representative body for international education professionals in Australia and New Zealand, working in student services, advocacy, teaching, and policy development—that is, supporting international students and internationalisation of the curriculum.