OLT Project Overview

The OLT Project (Ref ID12-2381) “Curriculum Renewal to Build Student Resilience and Success” is co-led by Jacquelyn Cranney and Annie Andrews of UNSW. Team members include Seher Arslan (Student Minds), Sue Morris and Annette Olschewski (curriculum). See below for details of the Evaluator, Advisory and Reference Groups, and website designer. 

Intended outcomes of the project

Outcome 1. The initiation of a sharable whole-of-university approach to increasing student resilience and well-being (see Whole-of-university approaches).

Outcome 2. An evidence-based resilience and well-being course prototype in psychology that will constitute the corner-stone of curricular approaches in other disciplines (see curriculum resources).

Outcomes 3 & 4. Initiation of a sustainable student community volunteer program providing co-curricular approaches to developing student resilience and well-being; and a nationally run not-for-profit student-run and focused organisation (see Student Minds).

Outcome 5. Resilience and well-being networks to support university community members who initiate student resilience development activities (see Networks)

Final report

Key project information