Resources for International Students


University Clubs and Support Services

Most universities have student clubs, for both international students in general, and sometimes specific to certain countries. Contact your student organisation for information about local clubs and receive the social support everyone needs. For example, check out the list of clubs and societies for international students at UNSW. 

In addition to student clubs, most universities also offer structured support for international students, for example Student Development International at UNSW.


International Students' Health and Wellbeing, Health Lens Project

The health lens project sought to address the gap in information provision and support provided to international students. The project focused on international students in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, as these students often do not have access to the same support as university students.

You can view the final report here


The International Student Uni Start Guide

International Student Uni Start Guide was developed by Sandra Norris, Director of Student Life and Learning, UNSW.


ISANA: International Education Association

ISANA: International Education Association is the representative body for international education professionals in Australia and New Zealand, working in student services, advocacy, teaching, and policy development—that is, supporting international students and internationalisation of the curriculum.


Future Unlimited

Future Unlimited is a government online resource full of helpful information about living and studying in Australia.


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