Information for University Students

This section is for (a) students who are looking for opportunities either online or face-to-face, to increase their own success and well-being as a student, and (b) students who want to be proactive at the university level to support the success and well-being of all students, or sub-groups of students.

This website emphasizes a personal approach to life and learning—an orientation to the science of success and well-being. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and it is in our best interest to know these. By building this awareness we can maximize how we manage ourselves by working to our strengths, and purposefully growing new skills and knowledge to help achieve our goals. In order to gain confidence and to reach our goals we will benefit from accepting that in come areas we may need to seek help from those who have complimentary strengths to our own. We all have the option to decide whether to work effectively to increase our skills. We cam a;sp cjppse jpw we a[[;u pir strengths in particular areas and to accept that our strengths may be context specific (i.e., that we are not “super” women and men able to manage every situation). It can be enormously rewarding and helpful to acknowledge that others have more appropriate skill or expertise than ourselves in some areas. In such acknowledgement we open ourselves to learning opportunities.

This section is about personal learning opportunities, building relevant skills and psychological literacy to enable realistic goal setting and making plans to effectively achieve those goals, including thinking through a back-up plan in case life’s ups and downs mean that things do not work out as you hoped.

Your actions guided by your mind will shape your success and well-being.

Click here for further information on psychological literacy.